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New blog!

By January 1, 2009No Comments


Never saw this happening, me getting a blog! Well The truth is that I’ve been thinking about getting a blog for a while now… So why not start one as a new fresh start of the year.

So what’s new in my life? well, working on a whole new online porfolio that I hope to launch within a couple of months (thanks Pier for bringing this to life, really cool stuff you’re doing). Been working a lot with personal art so it will be a portfolio with fairly new and fresh stuff.

Work wise going strong (at least for the company). We recently announced “Terminator:salvation – the game”

and also BC coming up this year. Well, actually can’t really talk that much about what’s happening at work (nda’s you know..) so I’ll just leave at that.

Also got me a PSP the other day and I must say I’m realy diggin it so far (got the 3000 version). Got it with Lego Batman but I don’t spend that much time playing it though. Got a lot of demos and was realy impressed with God of war, Patapon and Wipeout pulse. But the game I’ve spend most time with is the original Wipeout originaly for ps1 bought from the PSN store. Man I love that game! Always been a big wipeout fan and that game still kicks ass!.

Anyway, that’s enough writing for today. Gonna catch a movie with my g/f. See ya!