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A bit of Blur and flOw…

By January 5, 2009No Comments

Another late post…

Whatched a lecture that Blur studios had recently about how they created the “Warhammer” cinematics/trailers. Was pretty intressting to see their pipeline and get an insight on how they work, also talked a little bit about the transitions to XSI. Some stuff did suprise me though.. Like they hadn’t used “mental ray” renderer until recent projects (not that Brazil renderer is bad) and used stuff like sss shaders and displacements. If you haven’t seen it check it out (if you’re intressted in cg stuff that is).. Link below.

I bought “flOw” from the psn store the other day (the psp version) and I realy liked it. It’s such a simple game and the graphics are also realy simple. But for some reason it realy attracs me. Hmm.. It has this wierd gameplay feel to it also (I think at least), now when I think about it before I’d tried it I wasn’t that exited about it, but the wierd part is… I still feel like that.. But still I want to pick it up and just spend time with it. Not like I want to beat it or reveal the mystery behind the story… Just spend time with it.. Hard to explain without it sounding crazy. Anyway, it’s a realy cool piece of software. I see myself spending some time with this one while traveling…

I think it’s realy cool that a company like “That game company” exists and creat stuff like this. Saw some gamplay movies for their next title “flower” for the ps3. Also looks realy cool when seing it in motion. Gonna be intressting to see how that turnes out to be later on.

Anyway.. it’s getting late and there’s another day tomorrow.