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Digital renting…

By February 1, 2009No Comments

Aah man! This digital renting thing is sweet! Just saw “bangkok dangerous” and it was a pretty cool movie. Not the best movie ever but cool and enjoyable. This one I rented from (scandinavian online entertainment store)

My opinion about the digital broadband renting I think is a great thing that I hope to expand more in the future.. just so sweet picking up my laptop and just brows through the movies and instantly being able to watch it! First I thought the quality was to be lacking (could be cuz I haven’t seen any highquality streaming vids until now) but I was pleasantly suprised by that the quality actually matched up to a DVD’s. Ok maybe not exactly but realy close if nothing else. No lagging what so ever even! This is definetly something I see myself using more now when feeling like whatching a movie on the fly. But ya, if Ima watch a movie that I’m realy super exighted about I might just rent or buy it on blueray to watch it on my big screen. This might also be a thing that brings down piracy a bit wich would be great.

Now I’m just hoping for Microsoft to bring this same feature on the xbox live/Netflix service to europe.

Alright.. off to more digi-sculpting!