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GOW3 & Halo wars… hmm.. I don’t know.

By February 18, 2009No Comments

Allright.. So I’m rendering out some discplacement maps for one of my projects so I thought why not take the oppurtunity to write something.

So I saw the extended God of war 3 trailer the other day and I’m not realy shure what I think. The thing is it doesn’t look awefull but some stuff in there that keeps in from looking awesome. Comparing to the erlier games I think this itteration actually lacks a lot of color, the lighting was way to contrasty and the bloom effect was realy overused but technically when at the end of the trailer zooming out and showing those massive rock things climbing up was impressive though. They still have a long way to go so I’ll stay away from commenting too much before actually playing the finished product. I realy hope they fix this.

And also street fighter 4 is soon to be released and I’m realy eager to get my hands on it. The reviews have been amazing so far and the visuals are just stunning.. love the art style they went with. Would be realy sweet to have a tournament anytime soon after the release with some buddys and beers. Dangerous though since I have my projects to finnish so I hope I’ll not go too crazy with it later on. 🙂

I downloaded the Halo wars demo and tryed it out as well. hmmm. the game looks realy good and I’m a huge fan of halo and the game seems intressting.. though I can’t understand why people still try to make rts games on a console. It’s not the game itself I’m blaming for having a hard time with it, it’s more about playing it with a regular controler wich (for me atleast) realy doesn’t work. I mean, come on MS! You guys now better. I know that MS doen’t want to release a keyboard and mouse but why not create some periferal that actually works for rts games? I mean they did it with the headset to make the communication work better and fun. Ah well. It is a shame indeed.

Also saw Tarantinos “Hell ride” the other day. Not his best work but a good movie. Realy raw and stylized. I noticed that he use to pose the character alot in this movie for that little extra bad ass touch to them. I digged it. Man, I should realy start collecting his movies! love his stuff in general!

Alright.. getting late and the bed is calling!