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Back from Napoli comicon!

By May 4, 2009No Comments

Actually I’ve been home for a week now. Just realy needed the time to relax and get a grip on all the stuff that happened at the convention!

But I’m back and just have to say what an amazing time I had at the Napoli comicon!
Met so many cool artists and made new cool friends! Was also realy cool to see my stuff screened on a screen!

Since all the pictures was taken with my friend Nasiers camera I have to get back to you guys with pictures. But I’m eager to get them and I’ll post them as soon as I get them.
I’m not even gonna get started on explaining how cool the city was! I will have to show you the pictures on that one. But I can tell you this, the taxi drivers were INSANE! If you can drive in Napoli you can drive anywhere!

Anyway, great stuff happen and have some major stuff to maybe reveale later this year. But for now I’ll try to get hold of those pictures!

It’s getting late and I need some sleep!

Good night!

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