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I’m still alive!

By January 13, 2010No Comments

I’ve decided to pick up my blog again. Man that was a long time ago since last
post!.. but ah well.. who reads it anyways right? 😛

So.. what
happened in the last months since last time. A lot let me tell ya. I am no
longer at Grin (they’ve closed the doors a while ago) and since then I’ve
pretty much started my own company and became a fulltime freelancer. More news
about that later.

projects… Finishing up a new animated project. Nothing spectacular but trying
out new stuff. And also between jobs working on my own movie. The status on
that is that it’s in late preproduction. More information about that later this
year. Nothing more that I can actually reveal at the moment about my
professional life. stay tuned for more later on.

More on a
personal note. Mid-late 09 me and Heli took a 10day trip to LA for the first
time. That was amazing. Got to visit a friend a blur studios and meet the
people there. Went to Universal studios. We actually did a lot of stuff. But
maybe most importantly, back then me and Heli got married! :).. I’ll post some pictures from then If I can find some.

Ok.. So..
Avatar. WOW.. If you haven’t seen it.. seee it noooooww.. It’s amazing!..
Definitely a worthy Cameron comeback!. Soon also District-9 will be out for
digital rental (yes.. I missed it when shown in the theaters.) Will be seeing
that soon as well.

As far as
games goes I just picked up Darksiders the other day.. I’m about 4 hours
in (playing on apocalyptic) and it’s awesome.. so happy a game like that exists
on the 360 now. Been thinking of picking up Wii cuz of Zelda but now I don’t
really need too!. Haven’t played it through yet so can’t really tell if I think
it’s that good.. but it’s definitely really cool so far. Feels great to have
something to do indoors during these cold times (besides working that is).

winter is here and yes. I don’t like the cold! I want my summer back! Also sad
that I didn’t have the time to go snowboarding this year! :(.

that’s it for now. Writing this blog is already taking up too much time! feels
good though. Hopefully will be writing more often now. but who knows. still
pretty swamped with stuff to do.



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