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The Ender saga…

By March 14, 2013No Comments

So a while back I wanted to take a break from all the movie watching and start reading books.

I ended up getting in to the world of Andrew Wiggins and what I recently finished reading “Speaker for the dead”. I have never been a big book reader (when I read books I mostly read to educate myself about something) but entering the Ender saga I think that is about to change. I haven’t blogged about anything for a while (been super busy working on things that’s not really ready talking about yet) so I’d like to share a bit of what have been my source of inspiration lately.

Enders Game:

The saga follows Andrew Wiggins aka Ender Wiggins, a genius child breed by the military. In Ender’s game we get to follow him growing up on a military training center up in space to become the commander of a space fleet. The humans are putting their hope in ending the war with the alien race called the Formics (or also the buggers). The book is fantastic from beginning to end. I know Digital Domain Media group are producing a movie based on the book directed by Gavin Hood to have its premiere later this year. Hoping to see some trailers soon. Anyway, great book and if you’re a sci fi fan like me, or heck, just looking for a great story you should not miss this book.! I regret not having read this book years ago.!

Speaker for the dead:

While Ender’s game followed Ender growing up, this book continues after a few thousand years of those events. Andrew is now all grown up and have become what people call a speaker for the dead. He ends up on the planet Lusitania to investigate the death of some people and then give a speech of what really happened. What’s special on this planet is that there’s an intelligent race found called Pequeninos (aka piggies). It’s the second intelligent species found by humans so far. Andrew goes there though with a hidden agenda that I won’t spoil. This book is very different from the first one and has a more investigating feel to it. It even puts some religion and culture in to the mix. The first half of the book progressed in a really slow phase and I was all the time waiting for the story to take off. I got to the second half and the story really got me hooked and it became hard to put the book down.

I think Oscar Scott Card did a fantastic job in building this universe as far in as I’ve gotten so far. There are plenty of sequels and side stories that I can’t wait to dig in to!



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