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Adobe CC…

By July 1, 2013No Comments

So Adobe made an interesting move I see many companies heading towards, a subscription model, in which Adobe call theirs, Creative Cloud. But what surprices me the most is not the subscription model itself, it’s the pricing of it. You get the whole suite for a very affordable price (I am aware though that a lot of people seem to be afraid of this model). Now this changes things, at least for me and my vision for Dark Haven’s pipeline. I’m in development with my production company creating some really cool stuff (not made public just yet) and since the project isn’t funded at this time we have to be very careful in where we invest. Everyone working in the visual creative industry pretty much have 1 or 2 Adobe products in their pipe. So with this offer and the cost of it might well be a smart investment almost too good to pass if you are looking for great tools.

Now however with the suit available there is bigger interest in actually incorporate a bigger part of Adobe tools in the pipe. Some new features added to After Effects like 3D tracking and the ability to import 3D models is great!. Still not the biggest fan of layer based compositing as working with big comps becomes a living hell.

What’s also interesting is Adobe story. I’ve been using CeltX since I started writing my own scripts but now with it included in the subscription I will probably with time move over to that.

Cinema 4D is also available but in a light version which I can imagine will make a lot of motion graphers happy.

So with that said I will try and move a large part of the Dark Haven production pipe towards Adobe products. Hard test it for a few months with the new project and then see what sticks. Have After effects become efficient and good enough for me to move away from node based compositing? Doubt it, however I will probably use it way more than earlier with the new features added. Who knows, I might find out that I don’t need the other great high-end tools and do just fine with what Adobe CC has to offer. We’ll see. Definitely worth finding out.

Head over to for more info.

Tried Adobe CC suite or have it in your pipeline? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on it.


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