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The Cold shortfilm, on the final push!

By August 13, 2013No Comments

The short “The Cold” (Kylan in Swedish)¬†are now after a couple of years of hard work in its final stages. We have all scenes and shots in place. Since a few weeks back we have entered the polish stage. Fixing errors, adding elements and tweaking shots to become better and also adding the final grade. The Cold for those who don’t know, a Despot Film production written, directed and produced by Miko Lazic. A project in which I am the VFX/CG production supervisor on and together with my company Dark Haven are bringing to completion.

The process is slow since we are few working on it at this stage. I must say I am excited to see everything coming together! A hard push for a few more weeks! And hopefully soon we are able to share more about the project!

Everyone involved are eager to finish this project and get it out the door and share it with the world. I know I am. All the hard work everyone has put in to the project is really showing at this stage.

With this post I wanted to let everyone know, knowing we have been quiet for some time now, we are certainly not dead.

In the mean time here’s some behind the scene screenshots from the CG/VFX elements in the movie, not spoiling the plot.

cold_bts1 cold_bts2 cold_bts3 cold_bts4


And just in case you missed it, check out the behind the scenes teaser video posted back in 2011 here

Stay tuned!


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