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Dark Haven store now online!

By October 24, 2013No Comments

I am extremely excited to announce that Dark Haven now has its own online store at ! To start with it’s featuring my personal artworks printed on high quality products. It feels great browsing around the store seeing all the cool stuff having my illustrations on them. Specially those skateboards brings back the sweet memories from being a skater in my teenage years!. Man I miss those days. I think the skateboards in particular turned out great!

This is an alternative way to find financial support for Dark Haven so any sale will directly help all internal productions currently in development.

The goal however is not to make something gimmicky to try and sell.. every product are given the time it deserves to make it as awesome as possible. We choose our products carefully before we design and put it up for sale. So we are starting with the current products that’s up on the site but will keep on adding more things and unique designs as time goes by. Everyone can expect to see more products on the store the upcoming weeks. A lot of it will be based on our film/entertainment brands but we will also be putting up unique stuff as well.

If you read this please spread it out!. Facebook it, Tweet it, tell your friends and family about it!

Also make sure to follow Dark Haven’s official twitter @haven_biz, that’s the place you will hear about new announcements first.

And if you have any feedback don’t be afraid to leave a comment!. We want to make everything as cool as possible!.

Find the store at

More soon!



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