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From the director of the critically acclaimed feature film, Made In Yugoslavia comes this exciting film. The Cold is a short film for children that provokes thoughts and questions about how humans and nature are interrelated and convey the message that people feel good to do good deeds. The Cold is an adventure film from a child’s perspective. Its about fear. And how you can overcome fear by helping each other out.

It’s freezing cold outside. The icy and dangerous fog is waiting in the forest for it’s next victim. The little girl and her classmates have no choice. They have to go to school even though they risk their lives. After passing through the great forest the children meet the dangerous fog…

The camera is concentrated on the eyes and the dialog is minimal. The focus of the sound is the atmosphere where snow and the clear air crispiness combined with children’s breathing produces a bubble. The universe in which we are participating is surrounded by the the dangerous fog. You should be able to recognize the real world in the film, even if everything is elevated in its visual expression.

A short film project that has been a long time in the making. Written and directed by Miko Lazic. I was the VFX/CG production supervisor on it and my production company Dark Haven helped make this film possible. The film got finished last year and are now being pushed out to festivals.

Finishing this project was a huge challenge and we’ve had a lot of obstacles to climb over. But with the passion together with persistence and a lot of problem solving/pipeline improvements we managed to bring this ship to harbor.

These are the announced festivals so far:

CLERMONT-FERRAND – youth audience comeptition 2014

TRAVELING JUNIOR – L’elephant D’or competition 2014

FLICKERFEST-International Short film festival official selection 2014

Tromsø – International Short film festival official selection 2014

NORDISK PANORAMA– International film festival official selection 2013


Check out the film’s official site for more information .

Big thanks to everyone involved!

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