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15 June, a Monday evening, Dark Haven Studios, New North Productions & Branbomm Film got together for a few hours to go through the project and its principal photography.

Me as the director and executive producer discussed planning with producers from respective production houses for the live action shoot for the entire movie. Hours after I’m happy to say that we have a preliminary date for principal photography! If we don’t get struck by bad weather, disease or something else that would hinder us to show up on set to shoot, we are aiming at 13-16 August.

This is a huge step forward and we have worked hard and long to in the end figure this out. But with our new partnership with New North productions, help from Branbomm Film and with Sami Sinervä as the DoP (director of photography) I am confident that we have something great in the making! So now it seems we have solved the obstacles and we have a plan!

For people interested in gear and equipment, we are shooting with the Red Camera, have really cool epic drone shots.

Stay tuned! Big things in the making!


BTS01_2015_06_15_web BTS02_2015_06_15_web

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