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For a couple of years ago Dark Haven Studios opened its web shop using as platform. We think Zazzle business idea is great and benefits a lot of people.

However I had to take a few steps back and really think about what Dark Haven Studios core is. We want to deliver the best quality in everything we do. No matter if it’s merc, entertainment or service we want to make sure YOU get the best. In order to deliver on that promise we feel we need total control over the things Dark Haven Studios delivers to its customers & audience. Unfortunately Zazzle, even though great in its own way, does not allow that amount of control we want.

This concludes that we will in the coming days end our relationship with Zazzle to rethink our store to in the end make it better and make sure we only have focused premium products to offer. We want the best for our customers and that means we need control over all aspects, from design, manufacturing and packaging. We love our customers and therefor we want to make them feel special and we believe this is the way to go forward.

So what will happen, the store will take a break soon. So if you are reading this and like the things currently available make sure to head over to to make your orders now. Soon they will be taken down. Will it be gone forever? No. When we are ready we will announce something way better. However the current products will most likely not come back to leave room for new better, more focused product. We want quality, not quantity.

We also have other really big things going on behind the curtains that we will announce in the near future so also make sure to subscribe to our news letter at


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