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Break Limit, digital race engineer!

As the last news for this year I want to announce Break Limit Dot Net. A new site containing tools for tuning cars in racing simulators. You may ask is there really a need for such a thing for a game? Well, racing simulators are “games” that are purposed to come as close as possible to the real thing (some may take some creative liberties for entertainment purposes) and that means that there is things like real world physics and complicated math implemented. When driving and especially tuning your cars you need to have these things in mind.

I am a race fan myself and follow the world of Formula 1 (and as my interested goes will be following other motorsports as well) and have in recent years really gotten in to games like Forza motorsport. So with time I dig deeper in the world of tuning and realize that things are not that simple if you want to do it right. So I took the time to learn the science behind it all and discovered a whole new world that I got really passionate about. But then it hit me, I’m spending ALOT of time tuning my cars calculating things from scratch manually. So I did some research if there was a solution out the. I found some but they were either too simple, required additional software or specific hardware devices. Even the things currently existing I felt it wasn’t enough. So I came up with the idea of why not create what I need for myself? So I quickly created a prototype calculator based on the physics I had learned but I still didn’t feel it was enough since there is more to it. And in these thoughts I thought there must be other people feeling the same way I do. So Why not take it further and make something bigger for everyone? So Break Limit Dot Net was born.

Break Limit Dot Net has the vision of being the go to place for car sim enthusiasts. Currently the site has a physics based calculator to figure out your tuning starting point, but I have much more planned for it! More advanced tools, presets, currently being tested with Forza motorsport 6 but later also include other sims like Project cars and the coming Gran Tourismo, a guide not only showing how to use the calculator but also showing rule of thumbs to think about when tuning etc. all this are things I want to implement and share. And the best thing, I want to keep all this free for the gamer!

A small personal project that I hope I can turn in to a useful brand!

My Christmas present to the world!

So head over to and give it a go!

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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