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2017 will be a big year for change!

New ventures, new projects, more sharing, change, success, health & balance are a few key words I would describe how I see 2017 going forward.

As mentioned in a previous post reflecting on 2016, I am in the middle of a transition in my professional life. With that I am working on a couple of big things for 2017, one that can potentially change the world of entertainment and give more power to the independent producer and a couple of other more creative ventures, more on that later. For all you creative video content creators out there, you will not want to miss what’s coming! To make sure that doesn’t happen, subscribe to my newsletter down bellow!

I am also planning some changes to my portfolio going forward. As Behance pro site is no more (which was powering my visual projects portfolio), I am rethinking how I should present my creative work. There will also be an evaluation process in which I will look over what’s currently up so don’t be surprised if some of the material’s not there anymore. Some of the work might not be up to the quality standards I’m after and others might not be relevant anymore considering where I’m heading.  Meanwhile check out my latest reel that I recently uploaded on

thoughts2017… the year I also plan to start sharing more! I feel the world have given me so much in my professional life. Knowledge and tools that helped me move forward in my career. I want to contribute and give back. So soon I will be expanding this site with some kind of knowledge section where I share & recommend what books I’ve read and studied in various areas, everything from art to business and programming.

One other idea is a tools section.  A place where I share scripts and other stuff that I developed for my own productions. Sharing is caring right? Do you have any other ideas to grow this site? Leave a comment with suggestions! I want to find meaningful ways to give back, I figured there’s already tons of tutorials out there just doing a quick youtube search.  I will probably talk more about this in a separate post.

My other projects are soon to be revealed. I will then start being more transparent as to what’s happening, meanwhile subscribe to the newsletter!

2017… Here we go!

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