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Progress, crash & reset!

It’s hard to describe where we stand on 124: New Beginnings, the shortfilm project. Both practical and on an emotional level.

We’ve had great success shooting the exteriors for the shortfilm and New North have been a blessing to work with! These guys are just fantastic in all ways and I want to give a huge shout out to these guys! If you are looking for a production company to help your produce anything video/film related then I can highly recommend these guys! Things on the vfx/animation end have been troublesome and are the main reason why things have been so quiet for some time.

124_WireframeWe’ve had team members come and go and looking at the high bar we’ve set, things have been moving very slow, we are constantly looking for new team members to help speed things up. We recorded pretty much all the motion capture a few years back and we’ve had an animator working to refine and clean that data all this time. Then all the sudden we experience a computer crash and we lost around 2 years worth of animation work. Huge blow that took a real big hit on me mentally.

belt_screenHowever, good news is, we have a plan! With interiors still left to shoot and the huge setback with animation I needed to rethink things and I ended up re-cutting the entire film. We are really excited to move forward with the new plan, and some say the film is even better now than it was with the previous version!.

We will soon shoot the last material and the one thing we really need help with is animation! If you are reading this and you are a kickass character animator looking for a really cool project/shortfilm, let me know! With this new plan we will also look over a lot of the current design for things. Since this project have been in production for such a long time, some of the material got outdated as the team gets more experience and taste evolves.

Hope I can give you more updates on this soon!

Update 10 31 2018:
So many things going on I had to start prioritize to get things done as I’m getting overwhelmed with projects. Unfortunately 124: New Beginnings pilot/short film has been put on hold. It’s not dead and I will, at some point in the future, pick it up again.


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