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A brand new version of Break Limit have been under development for some time now.

It actually got close to completion late 2016. However I took the decision to postpone the release. Reason is that Break Limit (as it currently is) uses PHP and I felt that I wanted to modernize it with more current technology to future proof it. We have a lot of new cool features and plans for Break Limit therefor moving away from PHP to be replaced with React JS & Node JS felt like the right thing to do.

So, what’s the new plan for the release? Not announcing any dates at the moment, but this year for sure. As we come closer we will release more information. The new version is still under development we are very open to suggestions and feedback to make it the best tools for gamers and racing drivers. What feature would you like to see? Be sure to send us any thoughts you might have!

Btw, are you a race engineer, pro race driver or blogger and would like to get involved? We want to get in touch with great people to help make Break Limit the best place for racing! Contact Break Limit now or leave a comment!


Since 23 July 2018, early access for the platform have been live. Instead of holding back, I wanted to get it out early to the community. This way everyone can try it out and give feedback.

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