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2020 is here and I thought to myself that I wanted to share more. So I’m starting this year with sharing some of the tools I’ve developed myself for digital development and production.

A new resources page is made where people can find scripts and eventually other tools as well. Starting with scripts for Blender and soon After effects and other types of resources I use for the digital products me and my company creates. I will try to keep the tools up to date and keep on expanding it. Feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or ideas to expand on this.

Currently all tools are linked to my github repository, there you can clone the repo down localy and always get the latest as well as follow the development easily by using git.

In the future I will most likely add the positibility for people to donate. This is a good way to support me and my company as well as to keep thing free. The bigger the support, the easier it is to move forward quickly while keeping things free.

You can either find the resource page by clicking here, or a link in the navigation bar.

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