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It has been a long time coming.

I’m personally a big Pinterest user. I use it to gather inspiration, create my own moodboards etc. And I can spend hours just browsing through the feed. Pinterest has some great algorithms that always seem to find a great amount of material that I like.

But I’ve never used Pinterest for any of my businesses.

I never really understood how I could use Pinterest to benefit from it when it comes to MADE By Lundahl or Break Limit. And throughout the years I kept reading about all these marketing articles online saying that you need to be on Pinterest. Same thing goes for people I talk with. Pinterest have been, and seem to continue to be, a very important platform for creating a brand and marketing.

For some time I’ve been busy building a presence for MADE By Lundahl on Instagram (which is the main social media platform for MADE By Lundahl). MADE By Lundahl also has its own YouTube channel. The YouTube channel however haven’t really evolved. But with that said, I am planning something different for YouTube. I don’t want to just reuse material created for Instagram and IGTV and post it on YouTube. More on that on a later date.

So I feel that the time has come to expand the reach for MADE By Lundahl, so I decided I need to dive in to building a solid presence on Pinterest. Find ways to create more value for people. I’m still learning a lot and I will most likely make a lot of mistakes along the way. But hey, that’s what makes it exciting!

Expanding to all of these platforms, we might need to start looking in to bringing onboard a social media / marketing manager. Interested? If so, let us know about it .

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