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Greatest Ranked is an idea that’s been thought about for a while, now made in to reality! is an experimental site to inspire and hopefully spark some healthy discussions and debates. It’s also a site where I want to celebrate the greatest of all time!

Starting out with a subject matter that I hold very close to my heart, entrepreneurship, but with a vision that can be expanded on to infinity. The site currently lists entrepreneurial books that are considered the greatest books written on the subject. These are books that seems to repeatedly come up when talking to other entrepreneurs for advice. But the idea behind the site is not for the opinion to be determined by the site, the ranking is all based on public voting, meaning you get to decide what ranks the highest. is designed to be minimalistic and extremely easy to use. You visit the page, vote for your favorite, that’s it. No sign up needed. We did need to set some ground rules to stop spammers and abuse of the system. So each user gets to cast 3 votes per week as a start. This is something that will most likely keep evolving.

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What does the future hold for Greatest Ranked? As mentioned, the sky’s the limit. But there are plans to expand in to other subjects to rank. We are looking in to areas like pop culture, sports, leadership etc. So keep visiting the site, or even better, visit the site and sign up for the newsletter to get notified when there’s updates. Being a site that’s basically based on the public opinion, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback you might have!

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Keep staying inspired!


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