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Time to move on. Samsung is making big changes as they should. They recently announced saying that they teamed up with Google for a new unified OS for wearables, with that, leaving Tizen behind. We also had to look internally to start mapping out where we are heading with MADE by Lundahl. This meant re-evaluating energy put in to watch faces.

I had to make the tough decision to paus all development for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. We love the platform, we love wearables and we also loved working with Samsung. I found much joy in bringing top notch products to the platform for users to enjoy. I personally also really find the new unified OS between Samsung and Google exciting and possibly filled with opportunity.

However, I also feel strongly that I want to create products and services that not only look great, but that are also useful and meaningful to the users. I have big ideas I want to explore and when there’s a direction and decision made, I want to be committed! But with limited resources I have to sometimes make hard choices in able to free up energy for something else.

The watch faces are no longer available for purchase. But if you really want watch faces from MADE by Lundahl, make your voice heard! If there’s a big demand, I might look in to bringing our products to next generation Galaxy Watches.

Even if I’m leaving the world of watch faces (for now), I’m extremely excited by what it leaves room for! Things are in the pipe and being worked on but nothing I can announce just yet. Hopefully soon!

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