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Looking at the landscape of creative tools. I’m interested to see what’s left to solve for creatives. What challenges do visual creative people face?

MADE by Lundahl (my software company) started out 2009 with another vision and ambition than today. As well as under a different name. What started out as a company focused on media and graphics, has now turned in to a company empowering the creative field with engineering and design.

Earlier I made a promise to share more to help people get empowered. In so, I started to share tools for people to use for free (check out the Multi-render addon for Blender, people seem to appreciate it!). As any industry grows and mature, the problems get tougher solve as the tools get more refined. And when it comes to that side of MADE by Lundahl‘s product line, digital tools, I’m currently searching for how my company can help.

The rise of AI

I tried out Dall-E 2 out of curiosity and was very impressed over the art quality it produced, just by typing in some descriptions. This, I believe, will make AI (and already is) play a huge role in the creative industry. And it will only grow with time. It will eventually become so efficient that for most projects, a normal (non artist) person paired with the AI tools will be enough. For more demanding projects it will probably at least take you 70% and to basically only have the professional artist finalising the rest of 30% of work. I’ll probably write a separate blog post on AI in the creative space as it’s a fascinating topic to follow.

I see a lot of push back from the artist community on this. I get the fear and resentment of calling it “real art” when it’s not made by a human. But where I think the community misses the point, it’s a powerful tool that could help you in massive ways, if you let it. And secondly, it’s not going away. So why not embrace it?

What are the big creative challenges today?

So this leads me to asking the open question to any creative out there, 2D/3D artists, animators, designers, photographers, videographers, motion designers. What are your struggles in your professional life? What’s the things you feel the big corporations are ignoring?

What fields are the most under served? Is it pipeline/workflow? Rendering? Is it specialised software/plugins that are great for specific areas? Is it tools and support for new domains like NFT? Maybe the struggles aren’t tools anymore. Maybe other areas completely? Marketing? Monetising?

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